10 Powerful Ways to Get Abundance Flowing into Your Life

You work so hard to create a life of abundance, so I want to ask you to consider very carefully, “Do you have what it takes to easily allow the abundance you desire to flow into your life?”

Most people only let in a mere pittance of the abundance that continues to knock at their door.

There may be nothing worse than the internal torture we can put ourselves through when we experience the inner tug-of-war of self-sabotage behavior! Whether it is procrastination, self-doubt, negative self talk, anxiety, shame, unhealthy habits, or some other self-destructive behaviors, we use these self-sabotage behaviors to BLOCK the abundance we so dearly desire and truly deserve!

So HOW do you open the door and let your abundance in?

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Are You Afraid of Success? I Bet You Are and Don’t Know It!

hands1On many occasions while giving a talk on SuccessEsteem™ I ask audience members to raise their hand if they believe they have some Fear of Failure. Typically about 80% of the audience will raise their hand. Then I ask them to raise their hand if they believe they have some Fear of Success. Typically only about 35% of the audience will raise their hand.

In my 20+ years of coaching people and my life-long study of self-sabotage barriers, I have developed a solid understanding that most people are actually much more AFRAID OF SUCCESS than they know.

You may be able to “imagine” yourself easily embracing your desired success, however, you are likely to block some of your efforts to actually create this success because…

  • Success tests your limits

  • Success makes you vulnerable to the unknown

  • Success exposes your weaknesses and flaws

  • Success creates additional responsibilities

  • Success causes unexpected challenges

  • Success causes an overwhelming amount of change

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Will-Power is Not Enough to Create Success… You MUST Break Free from Self-Sabotage!

Greetings! It is a glorious spring day here in North Carolina, USA!

As I look out the window I remember past days when doing yard work would have been an easy excuse for procrastinating doing my high-priority, high-payoff work tasks; despite the fact that I do not enjoy doing yard work.

If you search the term “will-power” you will find that most professional advice-givers recommend using high levels of self-discipline and will-power to overcome the challenges you will face on your journey to create success.

I whole-heartedly agree, however if you have internal self-sabotage barriers that fight against your will-power, this advice will cause you to have deep feelings of discouragement when your will-power doesn’t last.

“Imagine how much more success you will create when you can put as much time and energy into creating your success as you currently do in dancing around and avoiding it!”  ~Troyann Williams

When you have internal self-sabotage barriers that try to block your efforts to do the high-payoff, money-attracting, success-building tasks and activities, will-power is just NOT enough to keep yourself on your path to success.

Your internal self-sabotage barriers will put up an amazingly powerful fight against your will-power; making it very difficult to “Just Do It”.  Continue reading