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This is the site of the original Break Free University "1.0".

In January 2015 I unveiled the newly updated, upgraded and improved Break Free University "2.0" and moved it to a different site location.

If you purchased a Break Free University enrollment in 2014 you may still have time left on your one year of access and I am happy to get you set up on the new Break Free University 2.0 site at no additional charge.

Please contact me through the form on my Customer Service page and let me know you want to set up a User ID and password for the new site.  I am happy to look up your purchase date and get you set up on the new site if you still have time on your one year of access.

Use this link to visit the new site at www.BreakFreeUniversity.com.

~Troyann Williams, Breakthrough Specialist -since 1985


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